Advancing the Hamiltonian vision that made America great, including rebooting the national economy to serve average Americans, whether blue collar or middle class.

Camden Courier-Post: A ‘Contract with South Jersey’ to lift up neglected workers (PDF) — “South Jersey has never been a priority among presidential candidates or the media. Other than the beloved Shore communities, Camden and Gloucester counties are often dismissed as the poor cousins . . .”

Philadelphia Inquirer: Norcross’s Camden facelift not enough to make South Jersey great again (PDF) — “After more than 50 years of seemingly irreversible decline, will a proposed waterfront redevelopment reap the long-awaited renaissance of Camden?”

Philadelphia Inquirer: Trump exposes gulf between voters, elites (PDF) — “By taking on the ‘Washington-Wall Street axis of power,’ as former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee calls it, the brash, quintessential New Yorker is forcing GOP muckety-mucks to do what they haven’t done since the Reagan era: recognize that the voters are indeed always right.”

Washington Times: Chris Christie’s backward remedy for Social Security — “At the recent Republican debate, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie won his war of words with Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky over government surveillance. But the combative presidential hopeful fell off his high horse . . . ”

Philadelphia Inquirer: GOP debaters fall short on jobs (PDF) — “The long-awaited inaugural Republican debate of the 2016 primary season resembled a low-gas flame: generating a degree of heat, but little light in terms of what voters are looking for: a real, live, practical plan to create good jobs and boost middle-class incomes.”

Philadelphia Inquirer: Republicans need less W and more TR — “Since World War II, the greatest GOP presidents — Dwight Eisenhower and Ronald Reagan — won the Keystone State decisively. Even Richard Nixon took every county statewide save Philadelphia . . .”

Philadelphia Inquirer:  On trade, Pelosi does GOP a favor — “When Nancy Pelosi pleaded with her Democratic colleagues to “slow down the fast-track to get to a better deal for the American people,” the House minority leader inadvertently helped the GOP. . . .”

Philadelphia Inquirer: Alexander Hamilton would oppose Obama trade agenda — “Not long ago, pundits were dismissing Mike Huckabee as a religious-right candidate whose folksy demeanor wouldn’t fly outside the South. Yet in his presidential announcement this month, the former Arkansas governor is already distinguishing himself as the Republican with the most compelling vision in a generation. . .”

Philadelphia Inquirer:  Fast track to more job losses for Middle America (PDF) — Costs of TPP and TTIP far outweigh promised benefits – “In his 2010 State of the Union Address, President Obama promised to double exports over five years to ‘support’ 2 million jobs in America…”

Philadelphia InquirerEd Rendell’s city-building ignores middle class (PDF) — “When the Kimmel Center opened in 2001, the performing-arts venue signaled the 21st-century renaissance of Center City. Providing a new home for the Philadelphia Orchestra, the stunning anchor of the Avenue of the Arts embodied…”

Philadelphia Inquirer: Could Philadelphia be the next Ferguson? (PDF) — “When tragedy unfolded in Ferguson, Mo., the media-academy complex conjured up a “Hands up, don’t shoot!” meme to portray America as incorrigibly racist. While emboldening the adversarial class, the berating spin does nothing to address the empirical data…”