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LESSONS FROM NEW JERSEY’S JEFF BELL: HOW AN OPEN-BORDERS REPUBLICAN LOST TO AN OBAMA CLONE –  “Among the few shorelines bypassed by the mighty Republican “red wave” last week was New Jersey, where GOP Senate nominee Jeffrey Bell lost to incumbent Cory A. Booker by 13 percentage points.”

Same Failed Crowd Conjuring Up Same Old Tricks for Republicans – “It didn’t take long for the ruling class to push back. Three days after the voters rebuffed administration policies that President Obama had insisted were on the ballot, the Capital City’s practitioners of the political dark arts were back at their trade.”

GOP Budget Strategy Must Put Nation-Building Front and Center – “If Republicans win the U.S. Senate today, the first imperative of the 114th Congress should be adopting a budget strategy that reconnects the GOP with…”

DOES KARL ROVE WANT THE GOP TO CAPTURE THE SENATE OR HELP A BUSH RESTORATION? – “Doing the same thing over and over but expecting different results was Albert Einstein’s all-too-familiar definition of insanity. Yet that’s exactly what Karl Rove recommended in the Wall Street Journal last week…”

THE IMMIGRATION SILVER BULLET: INSURGENTS CHART A GOP PATH TO VICTORY – “How can Republicans recapture the U.S. Senate from Harry Reid and the Democrats? A new Politico poll points to a winning strategy — if GOP leaders have the courage to use the…”

TIME FOR GOP TO PLAY OFFENSE WITH A TOUGH BORDER-SECURITY BILL – “Two governors. Two quotes. And an opening for Republicans this fall.”

WE NEED LAW AND ORDER, NOT SYMPATHY FOR RIOTERS – “After rioting broke out in the Watts section of Los Angeles in August 1965, concerned Republicans persuaded Ronald Reagan to run for governor on a stern “law and order” platform. The former movie star did exactly that…”

LAW AND ORDER: THREE WORDS THAT CAN HELP REPUBLICANS WIN IN NOVEMBER–AND 2016 – “When urban riots and campus unrest erupted across the nation in the mid-1960s, the GOP made a powerful case for “law and order.” That no-nonsense message catapulted Ronald Reagan, Richard Nixon…”

WITHOUT A VISION, GOP SENATORS SEEK LOVE IN ALL THE WRONG PLACES – “Roger Clegg and Hans A. von Spakovsky deserve high praise for debunking the latest GOP brainchild that does nothing to help the party nationally — a Senate resolution encouraging all private-sector employers to adopt the…”