Eric Cantor’s Loss Reveals Holes In The Reform Conservative Agenda – “When a network of self-styled “reform conservatives” released their manifesto, “Room to Grow,” to admiring audiences in Washington, D.C., last month, they hardly expected that one of their Capitol Hill champions…”

What Terry McAuliffe isn’t telling Virginia voters – “If they win their respective bids to become Virginia’s next governor and attorney general, Terry McAuliffe and Mark Herring won’t be able to affirm the oath of office come January without…”

A CRB Discussion of Theodore Roosevelt

MORE TR STUDIES: BOB PATTERSON WEIGHS IN – “It came as no surprise that my interlocutors in a recent Claremont Institute symposium, following in the tradition of Leo Strauss, are no fans of Theodore Roosevelt. But things went a…”

How Libertarians Misread Reagan and Sidelined the GOP – “When reminiscing about the “good-old days,” Republicans often recall the 1980s, when the Reagan coalition won three presidential landslides. But to get back in…”

GOP: Don’t take Obama’s chained-CPI bait! – “Hoping a new charm offensive will seal an elusive grand bargain with House Speaker John Boehner, President Obama is banking that his proposal to index Social Security benefits according to a “chained” Consumer Price…”