The Washington Examiner

Chris Christie is the conservative Republican most likely to win in 2016 – “New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is rapidly emerging in some precincts as the hands-down favorite to take down the Democratic machine in the 2016 elections.”

Chris Christie faces the battle of his life on marriage issue – “As a federal prosecutor, he put away 130 public officials in a state notorious for corruption and mayhem. In his first year as governor, he brought down the…”

Op-ed: Free-market absolutism is killing the GOP – “With a new baseball season under way, no major league manager needs to be reminded that if his team consistently fails to reach the playoffs, he’ll likely be fired…”

Op-Ed: Calvin Coolidge was not your grandfather’s libertarian – “Amity Shlaes’ timing couldn’t be better. With the Party of Lincoln facing its biggest crisis since the Nixon resignation, the senior fellow at the George W. Bush…”

Op-Ed: GOP needs a ‘Hamiltonian’ jobs-creating agenda – “At the National Review Institute’s “Future of Conservatism” Summit last month, conservative thinkers and Republican rising stars delivered enlightenment and encouragement…”